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The Tektronix 2230 is a portable 100 MHz, dual-channel combination analog / digital storage scope, sister model of 2220 and 2221.
It has both an analog mode and a digital mode. In the digital storage mode, up to three waveform sets (CH 1 and/or CH 2) may be stored in a save ref. memory and recalled for display at a later time.
The 2230 features alphanumeric CRT readout of many of the front panel controls. It has a DB-9 auxiliary connector on the right side providing an external clock input as well as an output for an analog X-Y plotter to make permanent copies of the display. This feature can be accessed through the “Mem select” menu.
Some Firmware versions have a diagnostics menu with the Tektronix logo and wizard image.

Vertical —
Input impedance 1 MΩ // 20 pF
Maximum Safe Input Voltage 400 V (dc + peak AC) or 800 Vp-p AC
CMRR At least 10:1 at 10 MHz
— Horizontal —
Timebase A 50 ns/Div to 0.5 s/Div, 1-2-5, x10 magnifier, i.e. down to 5 ns/Div. In “Store” mode lower sweep speeds up to 5 s/Div are available
Timebase B 50 ns/Div to 5 s/Div, 1-2-5, x10 magnifier, i.e. down to 5 ns/Div
Bandwidth 100 MHz (analog)
Sampling rate 20 MS/s
Record length 1K or 4K samples (single channel), optional 26K
Z axis input (intensity); DC to 20 MHz, maximum safe input 30V (dc + peak ac) Input resistance about 10kΩ
CRT display area : 8 × 10 cm²
Dimensions With feet and handle: 137 x 361 x 511 mm³
Features · X-Y operation
· Pre/Post-triggering
· Averaging
· Dual time base
· Cursors and readout