Sale and Rent Electronic Equipments


Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is one of the most important aspect for METAF; our electronic equipments are totally supported for repair, calibration and certification.
The certification importance is increasing every day.



The units provided by METAF are totally under warranty for three months, but even after this period, for any need of service, you can count on the reliability and professionalism of our repair services.
Since February 2000, the Metrology Laboratory for electronic measuring equipments operates directly in our headquarter; the laboratory has equipments calibrated with SIT and is able to check electronic equipments of companies working in telecommunication field.



METAF, thanks to its expert and professional technicians, can certify its electronic equipments according to the ISO9000 standard and, if required, can provide the Certification of national or international organizations.
The calibration is made upon a formal request of the customer and consists of:

  • Form compilation about the specific data of the electronic equipment.
  • Retrieval from the technicaloperatorof the documentationrelated to the procedure.
  • Generalinstrument cleaning, withblowing forforced ventilation instruments.
  • Performance verification and relative annotation of measurement data.
  • Affixing of the label which attest that the technical operator has complied the verification.
  • Seal of the externally accessible adjustment parts, with special label seal.
  • Compilation of Processing Cardand Declaration of Conformity.
  • Storage of calibration copy.



If the unit is damaged, maintenance can take place following a customer’s formal request or, if the unit is out of technical specifications tolerance limits, during calibration operations.
If the technical operator will proceed with calibration adjustment, he must note the relevant data before and after the intervention.