Sale and Rent Electronic Equipments




METAF stands out as a leader in the electronic component supply industry, offering a great service through 30 years of investment and innovation that boasts countless selling points:

  • Wide range of products
    METAF stands out for its wide and diverse range of electronic components. It offers a comprehensive catalog ranging from the latest technological innovations to traditional components, ensuring that customers have everything they need at a single point of contact.
  • Reliability and quality
    METAF’s reputation is based on the superior quality of its products. It partners with the best suppliers and guarantees durable electronic components that meet the highest industry standards and undergo rigorous quality control protocols, to ensure excellent performance.
  • Excellent customer service
    The company places customer service at the core of its values. It offers proactive and personalized support, both in the process of selecting the components best suited to the customer’s specific needs and in after-sales service, ensuring total satisfaction.
  • Efficient logistics
    METAF ensures on-time deliveries and manages the supply chain efficiently, reducing waiting times and offering a quick response to customer requests.
  • Reliability in partnerships
    The company has built strong long-standing relationships with its customers and suppliers based on trust and reliability. This solidity in partnerships is reflected in consistently superior service over time.

METAF is constantly striving for excellence, combining product quality with impeccable customer service, confirming its position as one of the leading suppliers of electronic components.
In addition, our company is able to fully manage our customers’ inventory with staggered deliveries.