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Höcherl & Hackl PLI 2112

Höcherl & Hackl PLI 2112 Electronic Load
The PLI series of electronic loads provide a comfortable operation by a graphical user interface. The PLI series highlight is the extensive variety of standard interfaces. Apart from Ethernet, USB, RS-232 and Analog interface there is a standard CAN interface. Programming is done in SCPI syntax.
The units provide constant current mode, constant voltage mode, constant power mode and constant resistance mode. In addition, protections for current and voltage can be set in any mode. A static data acquisition function allows to store measurement data on an external USB flash drive. Dynamic operation can be configured by up to 300 list point settings. The Electronic Load saves the synchronously acquired measurement data with timestamp. A configurable trigger model controls data acquisition, static and dynamic settings.
Special applications, such as fuel cell tests, need to load the DUT down to almost 0 V. For these purposes we supply a range of models with an integrated zero-volt supply.

– Voltage: 120 V
– Current: 60 A
– Power: 2100 W