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The DG800 redefines the entry level waveform generator by bringing advanced capabilities like 16 bit high resolution, intuitive touch screen control, and a quiet fanless design to our most affordable line of generators. Add SiFi II point-to-point sampling technology and 2 MPts of standard arb memory and the DG800 Series delivers a powerful low cost generator for students and engineers alike.
High quality one channel function / arbitrary waveform generator with 10 MHz bandwidth, 125 MSa/s and 2 Mpts memory (up to 8Mpts as option).
• 16 Bit Resolution on All Models
• Intuitive Next Generation Touch Interface
• 10MHz to 100MHz Frequency Ranges
• Fanless Cooling for silent operation
• High Sample Rate and Long Memory
• Advanced Capabilities like Dual-Tone, Harmonics and Sequencing
• Complex Integrated Functions like PRBS Patterns and RS232 Generation
• Enhanced Waveform modes and Signal Fidelity with SiFi II technology