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METAF MCP M10-QR305 2x30V/5A 5V/1A DC Linear Adjustable Power Supply

The MCP M10-QR305 2x30V/5A 5V/1A DC Linear Adjustable Power Supply is a equipment with high stability, high reliability, low noise, its output voltage or current can be continuously adjusted, and its constant voltage and current can auto-conversion. This low cost and universal power supply can be used in many different areas, from test of R&D equipment to test of production lines.

– Output off function
– Triple independent DC outputs. Two adjustable and one fixed output
– Independent, series and parallel variety output
– Constant voltage and constant current
– Low ripple and noise
– Four LED displays with 3 digits, selectable for two sets output voltage and current display simultaneously
– 16 hours continuous output with full load
– Auto tracking output

Independent output:
CH1: 0-30V/0-05A
CH2: 0-30V/0-05A
CH3: 5V/1A

Serial output:
CH1+CH2: 0-60V/0-5A

Parallel output:
CH1+CH2: 0-30V/0-10A

Line Regulation: CV 1X10^-4+3mV CC 2X10^-3+3mA CH3 5mV
Load Regulation: CV 1X10^-4+4mV CC 2X10^-3+3mA CH3 15mV
Ripple & Noise: CV 1mVrms CC 3mA rms CH3 2mV
Display Accuracy: ±(0.5%Rdg+2digits)
Input Voltage: 110~127VAC±10%, 220~240VAC±10%
Dimensions (L x W x D): 250x135x460mm
Weight: 8,2 kg