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New Oscilloscopes – Rigol MSO8000 Series.

Rigol announces a significant addition to your scope portfolio with our own chipset based on our platform ULTRA VISION II with the introduction of new MSO8000 Oscilloscope (10 GSa/sec.).
This oscilloscope is available in three different bandwidth (fully upgradeable):

– MSO8064 – 600 MHz
– MSO8104 – 1 GHz
– MSO8204 – 2 GHz (single channel, half channel)


The MSO8000 series offers (option) real time eye and jitter measurement and contents a deep memory of 500 Mio points (standard) and a very fast waveform capture rate of >600.000 wfms/sec. Rigol offers also seven independend instruments in one device (like at MSO7000 series), including:

– digital oscilloscope,
– 16-channel logic analyzer (requires to purchase RPL2316 logical analyzerprobe)
– spectrum analyzer,
– arbitrary waveform generator (option),
– digital voltmeter, 6-digit
– frequency counter and totalizer
– protocol analyzer (option)